Romane & Gaël - E in Motion

  • Romane & Gaël - E in Motion

Romane & Gaël - E in Motion

Romane and Gaël's debut EP, E in Motion is Out Now

: an act of coming or bringing together again

Reunion Island, a French region off the coast of Madagascar is the physical location that brings together musicians, Gaël and Romane Marimoutou — the region being the lifeblood for their art, a union and collaboration formerly known as OMA, now simply by their first names.

Romane & Gaël's debut EP E in Motion delivers a fusion of electro-pop entwined in traditional Reunionese roots, drawing from the island’s brilliantly diverse cultural expressions stemming from African, European and Indian influences.

Gaël’s’ background in ethnomusicology and Romane’s education in Music Theory inform their writing without restraining it. With an appreciation and masterful incorporation of the technical elements of their craft, their creative union then forges freely into the creative unknown — cultivating a soundscape uniquely their own; rich with folk percussive layers, organic polyrhythms, and delicate electronic articulations. Gaël’s spatial arrangements offer a fertile space for Romane’s vocals to roam, evolve and explode to life. Each word exudes something personal and profound, fleeting like a secret shared amongst friends.

The steady, humbling depth of Romane & Gaël deviates from their balanced collaboration. Below, the english translation of “Ti Baba” from Reunionese creole portrays the harmonious dance they step into —

You are in my arms
I was waiting for that
You get out to do some Hey-Ha’s
I was only waiting for this moment
I was only waiting for you

Romane’s wild vocals entwining with the mappings of Gaël’s’ hey-ha’s and rhythms. In this singular moment, in every moment, they continually find one another again and again.

1. Dream
2. Ti Baba
3. Dance
4. Who You Are

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